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Commercial Photographer

TDS Photography has been the premier commercial photography company in Miami, Florida for over 30 years. We provide professional photography service to marketing agencies, design firms, and advertising departments of all sizes across the state. Having won multiple worldwide industry awards, we bring our unique experience and vision to every project we work on. Our commercial photographers know how to produce something specific to your needs, that is always unique to your company and true to your brand’s image. If you need an experienced commercial photographer in Miami, or any other city in Florida, call us!

Miami Commercial PhotographyYour creative team or client won’t have to worry about dealing with multiple commercial photographers or vendors to get the shoot completed. You’ll also have the chance to work with a team based entirely in the USA. The commercial photographers at Miami’s TDS Photography will ensure each part of the line goes smoothly and the result turns out perfectly. Contact our office If you’d like to set up a conference call with your executive or creative team to determine whether we’d be a good fit for your project.

Miami Commercial Photographer

As a full service commercial photography company in Miami, we provide high-end photography services for businesses throughout the state. We will travel wherever is necessary to get the shot. Whether you need in-studio or on-location photography, our staff will work with your creative team to pull off the perfect shoot. We assemble local crews to take care of every detail from pre-production to post. You get the benefit of only having to deal with one contact for the entire project, plus we offer quick turnaround times.

Food Photographer

Miami Food PhotographyWith more than 30 years in business as food photographers in Miami, our team can help you achieve any goal your company may be going for with this project. Our food photography services are ideal for advertising agencies, design firms, or restaurants and brands that don’t have the resources to build their own studio or hire an in-house photographer. We will work with you to develop an imaginative and striking set of images that promotes your brand.

Our food photographer service is ideal for large-volume and small-volume projects. Some of the clients we work with most frequently are: restaurants, hospitality, food manufacturers and marketers of branded consumer foods, as well as food production, products and distributors throughout the entire state of Florida.

Lifestyle Photographer

As a lifestyle photographer in the Miami area, we provide moving and compelling lifestyle photography shots to advertising agencies as well as design firms. Our photographers know that it takes a full understanding of the entire production process. From scouting locations and choosing the right models, to retouching and compositing final images, to editing video, we work closely with you throughout the entire process. We work with in-house corporate advertising departments as well as advertising agencies. Give us a call today and find out more about how we can turn your next project into a successful ad campaign.

Types of Commercial Photography

Miami Lifestyle Photography

As an experienced photographer, we work with all types of commercial photography. Our Miami based team has a unique understanding of the creative process and how to work with large-scale professionals. Our team knows how to collaborate with each and every aspect of the process as well as the individuals present on a set in order to get things done. We will assemble a full crew of local help, including talent when necessary. The team will consist of a producer, a location scout, set designer and builders, local talent, stylists, photo assistants, digital assistants, wardrobe coordinator, makeup and hair stylist, prop stylists, craft services and re-touchers.

Advertising Photographer

Miami Advertising PhotographyOur Miami based advertising and e-commerce photographers are experienced with shooting just about every industry, and are here to provide the shots you need. With more than 30 years in the business, our photographers are able to meet with your creative team to bring together your vision and your objective. Our unparalleled experience gives us a unique ability to produce specific images that meet your exact needs and reflect the image of the brand.

Our e-commerce photographers in Miami can market and advertise any product or service you want. There really is no limit. Our specialty isn’t necessarily individual industry niches: it is absolute excellence in every aspect of marketing and advertising in any media. If you’re just beginning to brand what you’re selling, let’s start together to make sure you get maximum impact for minimum outlay.

If you’re a long-standing brand, ask us to freshen your look, update your message, and ramp up your sales. We’ll meet to learn who you are, what you do, how you’re doing, and what you hope to achieve. Then we’ll begin the process of assembling a team customized to your very specific advertising and marketing needs.

We are more than just commercial photographers in Miami. We are creative image -makers. With our creative direction, we help meet your branding objectives for your ad or marketing campaign; whether it be for traditional print or digital media. With our team of producers, art directors, location scouts, wardrobe, prop, hair & make up, and food stylists, we have the expertise and experience to handle the logistics of large and small advertising photo shoots to deliver results quickly.

Whether you are looking for a commercial photographer in Miami, or any city in Florida, call our office to set up a consultation and see if the professional photographers at TDS Photography are the right team for the project.