Food Photographer

Advertising Photographer

Advertising photography has one main goal - to spotlight a product, brand, or service. The photographs used in advertising aren’t just to sell a product but also a lifestyle or concept. For example, when taking advertising photographs for our client Harley-Davidson, we aren’t just trying to sell a motorcycle. Harley-Davidson is as much about selling the lifestyle as it is about selling bikes. A single image of the exterior of a resort needs to illicit desire in the consumer. The resort photograph should make them want to pack their bags for a week-long stay at the resort. Producing a photograph that can elicit emotion and create a bond with the consumer requires the skilled hand of an experienced advertising photographer. Some of the industries that benefit from hiring a high-quality advertising photographer are:
  • Food
  • Product
  • Corporate Portraits
  • Architectural
  • Resort
  • Corporate
What exactly does an advertising photographer do? When a client hires us, they are getting a full-service advertising photographer and production team. We handle hiring talent, scouting locations, assembling necessary props, food and product styling, post-production CGI photo composition, and so much more. It is imperative for an advertising photographer to have a solid understanding of marketing and editorial layouts in order to effectively collaborate with the client.We always work with our clients to determine the best way to feature the product or service and to achieve the intended brand message. Sometimes a product shot on a granite tile background is best, other times finding the perfect location, and hiring the right talent is the most effective way to reach the creative goal. It is crucial that the advertising photographer can adapt to each new client’s point of view.Advertising photography that effectively reaches a company’s target audience is a valuable investment and one that will yield many returns for the client and the advertising photographer.