Atlanta Food & Lifestyle Photography

Food and Lifestyle Advertising Photographers in Atlanta

Advertising is the art of capturing someone’s attention, enticing them to take a closer look, and inspiring them to linger long enough that they decide to become a customer. Our Atlanta-based food and lifestyle advertising photographers at TDS Photography have been doing that since 1982. We have an eye for the perfect shots that reveal the stories around the products and services you offer, using evocative images that spark a desire in consumers to include your products in their lifestyles.

Food Photographer

Approximately 80-90% of our taste perception is actually due to our sense of smell. In other words, if you can’t smell it, you can barely taste it. But our expert food and beverage photographers in Atlanta can work magic. We have an eye for scrumptious subtleties, culinary color combinations, and artistic aromas to evoke in any viewer a sense of appetite that makes mouths water and stomachs rumble.

Lifestyle Photographer

Every exceptional photograph reveals a story, and our lifestyle photographers in Atlanta have a knack for creating visual chapters that encourage consumers to consider the benefits of using your products or services in their lives. The choices we make in life are based on needs and wants; our experts shoot images that make your products into needs or wants for the consumer.

Advertising agencies, marketing firms, and design companies—we work with all of them to create images for any industry and any kind of project. We also work with private companies, large and small, who need advertising but don’t have room for an internal marketing department. Our photographers and videographers in Atlanta are experts in online advertising options, in-house promotions, and full-service video production solutions.

We can shoot at your location or we can complete your project in our state-of-the-art studios. With an uncanny knack for creating or locating the right settings, hiring models who project the vision of your brand, and illuminating your whole project with lighting that sets the perfect stage, the lifestyle and food photographers at TDS in Atlanta will take your idea from concept to the final product with a commitment to exceed your every expectation. Reach out to us today, and we’ll start creating an appetite for your products!