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Bedding Photography Specialists

If you’re looking for a bedding photographer for an e-commerce shoot, contact TDS Photography. TDS specializes in commercial photography for advertising agencies, design firms, and in-house marketing departments pursuing an e-commerce campaign. Our goal is always to present your bedding in the most attractive way possible, using carefully crafted room sets and natural lighting.

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Leading Photographer for Bedding Products

TDS Photography is one of the leading commercial photography studios in the United States for e-commerce purposes. If you need a bedding photographer anywhere in the USA, we can send a highly experienced team of professionals to your location. We’ll show off your products in an inviting setting designed to capture the eye and provoke customer interest.

When it comes to bedding photography for e-commerce, the room set is everything. Why? Because you want your customers to imagine themselves stretched out in that bedroom, enjoying a feeling of comfort and luxury. Like any other form of commercial photography, bedding photography is about a fantasy – and we know exactly how to create that fantasy, from the choice and arrangement of props to the use of lighting. TDS is the best bedding photographer in the business!

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Interesting Facts About the Bedding Business

The average person spends about a third of their life in bed – which makes it important to choose the right blankets, sheets, and pillows!

Different weaves have different textures and will feel noticeably different against the skin. For instance, sateen feels smooth and soft while flannel feels a little bit fuzzy.

Never fill a washing machine more than half-full when you’re washing sheets. They will will fluff up and can easily get tangled.

Memory foam pillows are an effective treatment for neck pain.

“Thread count” refers to the number of threads per square inch, both vertical and horizontal. For cotton, a thread count of 200 is considered soft and durable.