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Lind Institute 30 Sec Spot

BioEsse Probiotics –The World’s First Bio-Identical Probiotic Skincare System

BioEsse Probiotics –What is a Microbiome?

JR Structures Video

AT&T Slam Dunk Preview Video

The Bundle Is Right

PGi Be Unleashed Video Book

AT&T Super Hero Overview

AT&T Bundlepalooza Entrance

The era of social media has led to major changes in marketing strategy. One of these is the increasing use of branded videos, which seek to get customers interested in your company with intriguing stories and entertaining content rather than a simple advertising pitch. When branded videos are shared on social media, people willingly watch them – a big difference with traditional advertising.

At TDS Photography, we believe that your brand is built on customer experiences. That is why we take the time to really get to know your customers and base our branded and social media video content creation around their needs instead of your own. This is why our branded videos produce the best results.

Our branded videos have one simple goal: connect with viewers on an emotional level. When a potential customer sees your branded video on social media and responds emotionally, the odds that they will do business with your company go up significantly. If they share your content with their friends and family, it can go viral and get everyone talking about your brand. In a survey by Buffer, companies using social media video had a click-through rate 27% higher than companies that didn’t, and a conversion rate 34% higher.

At TDS Photography, we know how to create inspiring and emotionally effective videos for social media. We can tell a story about your company that will get viewers talking and make them want to see more from you in the future. The best branded content encourages viewers to identify with the brand, making it part of who they are as a consumer. That can translate to a lot more sales than a straightforward advertisement, and viewers won’t even see it as an ad in the traditional sense.

Branded and social media video content is one of the most important tools in marketing today. TDS Photography is your source for the best and most emotionally engaging video content available. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your company.