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Food and Lifestyle Advertising Photographers in Chicago

People need stuff; they want stuff; they like to get stuff, and they feel good when they give stuff. Advertising is meant to remind people of all that and to present them with quality choices to meet the need. Our job at TDS Photography is to create images that make consumers choose your stuff for their needs and wants. It’s all about rising above the competition, and our food and lifestyle advertising photographers in Chicago have been doing just that for large and small businesses since 1982. We have an eye for snapping compelling images that evoke memories, the senses, and thoughts of needs and desire.

Food Photographer

People like to eat all kinds of stuff, and they like to read about stuff to eat and stuff to cook at home in the kitchen or on the grill. Our food advertising photographers in Chicago are experts when it comes to transmitting the delectable flavor of your food products for consumers, whether as online advertising on any social media platform or with streaming service, or as editorial food photography for recipe books or magazine cuisine pages. Food is a driving force behind life—that just goes without saying—but when you think of all the ways we use and discuss food, you realize there are countless ways to get visual images of your products into the public eye.

Lifestyle Photographer

Lifestyle advertising photography shows people all the places where your products and services fit into their lives, whether it’s toothpaste, hair coloring kits, a new automobile, or the latest power tool to hang above a workbench in the garage. TDS’s lifestyle advertising photographers in Chicago know exactly how to stage, light, and shoot your products in scenes that leave little to the consumer’s imagination and a lot for them to desire. Our full-service video production teams will stage stories that inspire viewers to imagine all the ways your products will make their lives more fulfilling.

The professionals at TDS Photography can take any concept to the next level, from pre-production to the final edits and touch-ups, for digital or print media. Our photographers and videographers in Chicago will work with you to identify the perfect locations and settings for your vision. We’ll find the models and actors who convey the exact personality for your brand, and we’ll take care of the wardrobes, hair styles, and props to create still or video imagery that lingers in the minds of your potential customers. We’ll shoot at your location, in our studios, or any other location you want. Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you—contact us today and let’s get started with your advertising photography project.