Columbus Food & Lifestyle Photography

Food and Lifestyle Advertising Photographer in Columbus

Our perceptions of life are created in images that move, one after the other. Every so often our eyes catch something that makes us stop and consider new possibilities. That’s the driving force behind every photograph we shoot at TDS Photography. Since 1982, our food and lifestyle advertising photographers in Columbus have trained our lenses to create images that remind people of needs to be fulfilled, and that evoke emotions and feelings of desire. That’s what advertising is all about—steering people in directions that help them get what they need and want out of life, one defining image after another.

Food Photographer

Every person has their personal idea of a great hamburger, the most savory plate of chicken cacciatore, or the most exciting hand tossed pizza. Our food advertising photographers in Columbus go one better; we show consumers images that surpass any preconceptions they have about fine cuisine, sub sandwiches, backyard snacks, and casual dining out with friends and family. We’re experts in establishing the lighting, setting, color, and focal sharpness that bring folks to the brink of eating our images.

Lifestyle Photographer

We create imagery that demonstrates how your products are the perfect fit for consumers’ lifestyles. Advertising is often focused on invoking feelings of want, cultivating the perception that a person’s life would be better with your products or services. Our lifestyle advertising photographers and in Columbus expertly construct standout scenes and settings that put your products into real-life context so your audience can easily see how your products or services will improve their lives.

From preproduction to the final shots and footage, our teams will take care of every detail needed to complete a comprehensive project that exceeds the vision you had at the outset. Props, models, settings, lighting, locales, and everything that goes into making each of those exactly right for your project—we take care of it with expertise and a commitment to service. Contact TDS in Columbus. Every videography and photography project creates its own excitement, and we’re excited to see what we can create for you.