Resort Photographer

Commercial Photography Equipment

While it is true that the equipment doesn’t make the photographer, having the right equipment is paramount when planning a commercial photography shoot. Getting the perfect shot of a product or a resort exterior isn’t about just showing up with an expensive camera and a passion for photography. When our commercial photographer plans a shoot, we assemble all of our equipment, and there is quite a lot of it. We utilize many of the pieces that would be used for a tv commercial shoot. Some of the commercial photography equipment needed for a successful shoot are:Camera bodies - While the camera body is, of course, essential to the task, it’s important to have the right body. Thanks to technological advances most photographers are upgrading their camera bodies every couple of years.Lenses - Yes, plural lenses. One camera lens, no matter how expensive, is not enough to get the job done. For example, some shoots call for a zoom lens, while some call for a macro lens.Lighting - Lighting is perhaps the most important element when it comes to setting the stage for a remarkable photograph. Some examples of lighting equipment are mounted LED video lights, high output reflectors, and soft boxes.Accessories - There are many options when it comes to camera accessories, and some will be more appropriate than others depending on the type and scale of the commercial shoot. Accessories might include custom aperture adapters, lens hoods, teleconverters, macro lens filters, flash meters, and more.Support - Don’t forget about the support team you will need to accomplish the job. Depending on the scale of the commercial photography shoot, it might be necessary to hire additional temporary staff.Your commercial photography equipment doesn’t necessarily need to be the most expensive equipment or the newest, but the equipment does need to perform its job well. Preparation is key when it comes to commercial photography. We also recommend having an emergency kit with you on all photo shoots with the following: extra batteries, multi-tools, lens cloths, gaffer, duct, and electrical tape. We even bring hair pins and safety pins in the event they are needed for styling the models.Familiarizing yourself with every step of the production process, and the role everyone needs to fill means you will be able to confidently perform in the role of commercial photography director. When all the right pieces fall into place, you will be able to bring the client’s vision into focus.