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Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is about delivering someone else’s creative vision. Simple enough, right? Wrong! The goal of commercial photography is to bring compelling style to projects of any scale. An exceptional and captivating commercial photographer can only come from an experienced photographer who will take all the necessary steps to prepare for the shoot and follow through with post-production.It is equally important for art directors and marketing managers to understand the commercial photography process, this understanding will help bring clarity to the desired vision and reduce the risk of ideas being lost in translation between the company and the photographer. When preparing for a commercial photo shoot it is important to:Gather all relevant information during the initial consultation - What time frame did they have in mind for the shoot? Is there a deadline for the ad launch? How many images will they need? How long would they like to license the images for and what platforms will the images be used on? Will models need to be hired? Will traveling be required?Establish expectations - What is the intended use of the images? What is the brand message that should be represented in the photograph? Will CGI photo compositing be required after the shoot?Select talent if needed - Choosing the right models isn’t just about the way they look, it is also about the overall attitude and character they exude. Make sure you are receiving current photos from the modeling agency, so there are no surprises the day of the shoot.Present the Photographer’s Treatment - Review all aspects of the shoot with the client. Present your boards with details on lighting and mood, color treatments, characteristics of models, locations, and more. This will give the client an opportunity to voice any final concerns.Review the plan with your team - Commercial photography is not a one person job. Everyone needs to be on the same page and understand the role they will play on the day of the shoot.Assemble your equipment - It is always a good idea to prepare for the worst. This means bringing extra cameras, battery packs, lenses, and lighting equipment.Get final client approval - Make sure the client is on set to give the final sign-off on all of the images before you pack up your gear and head home.With over 30 years in the commercial photography industry, we have honed our methods for getting the perfect shot. Truly listening to our clients is the cornerstone of our company. Each of our photographs demonstrates our expertise and high professional standards. Our attention to even the smallest detail has resulted in numerous award-winning photographs. Our work has won awards in The One Show, NY Art Director Club, Communication Arts Photography Annual, and numerous Addy awards locally, regionally, and nationally. Some of our clients include Burger King, AT&T, IBM, Harley-Davidson, Astra Zeneca, Coke-a-Cola, Geico, Marriott, Transitions Optical, and more. We love utilizing our commercial photography skills to bring a company’s conceptual ideas to life.