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TDS Photography is the company to call for commercial product photography in Cincinnati, OH! TDS has the skill and experience to present your products the way they should be presented, with everything from lighting to camera angle to focus handled properly and skillfully. If you want your products to get the attention of your customers, call TDS.

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Commercial Product Photography: Cincinnati, OH

TDS is one of the leading commercial photography services in the United States, a position we’ve held since 1982. We’re the number-one experts at creating images that stand out and attract attention. No other photographer in Cincinnati has a streamlined process as efficient as ours, guaranteeing not only fast turnaround times but reduced stress from the beginning of the project until the end.

Call us at 727-492-3719 or email us at if you're in need of commercial product photography in Cincinnati, OH! We also specialize in commercial lifestyle photography.

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Interesting Facts

Commercial product photography is often used in advertising, but that’s far from its only use. You’ll also find product images used in catalogs, websites, and annual reports.

Photography was invented in 1837, but originally the cameras weren’t portable and there was no realistic way to create commercial images until sometime around 1850.

Commercial images have their own aesthetic, based on practical factors as well as visual appeal. Products are almost always photographed to be as clear as they can be, and the photographer must also leave room for the copy text. Lighting is used in such a way as to make the product stand out clearly.

Retail photographers are not the same as commercial photographers, and it can be a big mistake to hire a retail photographer to shoot your product images!