Product Photographer

Commercial Product Photography

Think back to the last time a product photo drove you to make a purchase - most likely it was in the last few days.

We are inundated with images between social media, streaming television, and advertising. If you are trying to promote and sell a product for your business with images for your website, shots for an ad campaign, or for press materials, your product photographs must capture the attention of your target audience.

Exceptional product photography will take your marketing to the next level.

Bad product photography can ruin your ad campaign.

Choosing an experienced commercial photographer is essential when it comes to getting high-quality product photography.

You want the end result to highlight the product, add to overall brand recognition, and ultimately drive the consumer to make a purchase.

Great commercial photography is simplistic and clear on the brand message. But don’t mistake that to mean taking the photographs is easy. There are numerous factors that go into getting the perfect shot and it is important to have a seasoned professional working to actualize your vision.

If you need to hire a commercial photographer, what should you be looking for?

- Experience and skill - Ask to see their previous work. You aren’t looking through their portfolio for the exact style you want, but that they are capable of successfully highlighting a wide variety of products using different lighting and styling techniques.

- Do they have a team working with them? The commercial photographer you choose should have a crew of photography assistants, food and product stylists, talent scouts, digital assistants and more to help bring your idea to life. You want someone who can deliver on every step of the creative process from planning and design to post-production CGI compositing.

- Is the photographer willing to collaborate with you on how to achieve your desired result?

What should you expect from your first meeting? The photographer will likely have a few questions for you. Ideally, they should cover these basics:

Who is the intended audience of the photography?
What will the photographs be used for?
What is your overall brand message?
What emotion are you hoping to evoke?

Commercial photography is not just another expense you need to budget for - it is an investment in the future of your company. If you want a greater return on your investment, you need to choose your photographer carefully. Hire a skilled veteran commercial photographer who understands all of the pieces that need to be in place to get the perfect product photograph than can be used on multiple platforms.