Miami Food + Beverage Photographer

As a Miami food photographer, we specialize in high-end photography service for marketing, advertising, editorial and commercial use. Our photographer collaborates with businesses and industries to produce appetizing and visually-stunning photographs. We offer a complete range photography services, from creative direction to post-production. Whether you are interested in photographs for a seafood restaurant menu or grocery store advertisements, we have the equipment and talent needed to deliver delectable images. Call our talented food photographer in Miami for a consultation.

Before we start any project, we meet with clients to understand their vision. We also want to know how the food photographs will be used. Do you want the photographs to be static or does the food need to be sizzling in a pan while cooking? We will review many questions with you to determine the best path forward. The opinions of your executive chef or corporate chef are highly-valued because they know the food more intimately than anyone else.

Our Miami food photographer collaborates with the following businesses and industries to produce appetizing and visually-stunning food photography:

  • Restaurants (chains and local)
  • Catering companies
  • Private clubs
  • Advertising agencies
  • Hotels
  • Food manufacturers
  • Food service providers
  • Food and beverage companies
  • Liquor distributors
  • Cookware manufacturers
  • Cookware retailers
  • Resorts
  • Theme parks
  • And more!

Food Photographer Services in Miami

Food photography involves more than a stroke of luck. With meticulous planning, our creative team creates mouthwatering food photography that will motivate your customers to make a reservation, place an order, or hire your company. We have on staff food stylists, prop stylists, location scouts, lighting experts, and digital post-production specialists. We all work together to capture the brand image with each food photograph. We begin each new project with a pre-production meeting. During our pre-production planning meetings, we collaborate with our clients. Every detail is covered including the location, lighting, table scape, props and background.

We photograph on location at your place of business or an outside location if that suits the project better. We also have a relaxing studio with everything we need to complete the photo shoot. Regardless of the location, the result is visually-appealing food photography. Our food photographer creates images for use in digital advertising and print. Once all the important details have been worked out, our crew starts to bring the vision to life. Once the photographs have been taken, we begin the post-production editing process to ensure they are perfect.

We travel far and wide to get the job done. Our Miami food photographer provides professional services for any size business and for projects large and small. We handle every aspect of the project from creative planning to digital retouching. Let our experts bring your delicious food to life. We’d love to schedule a consultation with you; simply call our Miami food photographer when you are ready to begin.