Hiring A Commercial Photographer In Florida

Hiring the right commercial photographer in Florida makes all the difference. Whether you are looking for the perfect product photographs for your advertising campaign, or you need high-quality in-house marketing materials, hiring an experienced commercial photographer will make the process run smoothly.

You’ve seen at least a dozen commercial photographs since the moment you walked in the office today, and you know that the right photograph can make or break any marketing campaign. And all it takes is one poorly executed photograph to sink your campaign.

If it’s an in-house marketing campaign you are working on, then you need the photographs to be top-notch to satisfy investors and help build team morale amongst your employees.

So how do you avoid spending time and money only to end up with photographs that don’t serve your needs? The answer - hire a full-service commercial photographer. Look for a company that has a team of people thats sole purpose is bringing your vision to life. Ideally, you need a commercial photographer who has on staff a location scout, model scout, product stylist, photography assistants, post-production digital editors, and more.

When you are looking to hire a commercial photographer, keep the following in mind:

Experience - Ask potential commercial photographers to see a portfolio of their previous work in the area you are interested in hiring them for. While a commercial photographer might be great at corporate marketing materials, if they aren’t well-versed in food photography and that is precisely what you need, then keep looking.

Team members - How many team members does the commercial photographer bring with him to the photo shoot? Will you have to also hire a location scout and product stylist to get the job done? Location is just as important when it comes to commercial photography as it is in the real estate business. The commercial photographer you choose should have an established working relationship with multiple location scouts whether your photo shoot will be local or on location.

Who’s in charge - Make sure that the experienced photographer you speak with initially, is also who you will be working with on the shoot, and that you won’t be working with an intern or junior assistant. Explain that you want the full knowledge and expertise of the most senior photographer at the company.

First meeting - Ask what your first consultation will entail. Will they collaborate with your marketing team on the project? Ideally, commercial photography should be a healthy team effort between the photography company and your company. Expect them to ask who your intended audience is, as well as your brand message - if they don’t, you might want to keep looking.

Think of commercial photography as an investment, not just an expense. Whether it’s corporate photography of your executive board or product photography of the newest item in your product line, the end result should be exceptional. Taking the time to research potential photographers will pay off in the end!