Jewelry & Fashion Photography in Miami

Jewelry & Fashion Photography in Miami


Earrings need to glimmer, necklaces need to sparkle, and rings need to shine. Since 1982, the professional jewelry photographers with TDS Photography have made your gold and silver, chains and baubles, and gems and jewels do just that. Our professional fashion & jewelry photographers for Miami businesses love bringing the dazzling metals and stones to life and leaving consumers sparkling with desire.


Unparalleled Product Photography


Visual advertising, whether static or moving, is all about infusing the minds of every viewer with ideas that their lives would be more fulfilling if they wore your jewelry. We do that through meticulously planned, staged, and finished photography and videography that showcases your products and our experts in a way no other photographer can. Our approach makes us industry leaders, but our suite of marketing and advertising strategies will make your Miami jewelry business a leader as well.

As an art or creative director, or a social media marketing expert, you understand the need to go beyond just written content. Good advertising needs dynamic visual appeal to go along with the product descriptions. From concept to post-production, our jewelry and fashion photography teams in Miami work with you every step of the way to ensure everyone involved in your project is working from the same script. The better the communication, the faster and easier things get done.

We handle the full production, the sets or locations, the models and their wardrobes, and we use our expertise to photograph your jewelry products from the most dynamic angles and perspectives. When we’re satisfied we have enough material, we take care of the intensive post-production processes—image and video editing, digital processing, color correction, sound editing, and any needed visual enhancement or special effects.


Pristine Business Photography & Videography


TDS Photography is a one-stop-shop for your photographic and video marketing campaigns. We are dedicated to providing above-bar quality, service, and innovation. Your brand is different from every other brand, even if you sell similar products as other companies. We’ll take your vision and design a project exclusive to what you want for your brand. You’re in the business of providing jewelry, and we’re photographers in the business of persuading consumers to wear it. Contact our branding photography team in Miami today to get started.