Resort Photographer

Location Scouting

Location, Location, Location - a phrase often uttered by realtors, but equally important in the world of commercial photography. Part of being a full-service commercial photography agency means that we also take great care in selecting the right location for the desired result. Sometimes, commercial photography will involve a studio shoot of a product, but when the shoot needs to be done on location, knowing how to find the best places is a valued skill that every advertising photographer should have.The location is just as crucial as lighting and using the right equipment when it comes to commercial photography. Location scouting is an acquired skill and one that should be taken seriously and never overlooked. We believe it is important to foster positive working relationships with local location scouts in the event we need outside assistance to find the perfect location for our commercial photography shoot. While there are quite a few location scouting apps available to photographers, nothing can replace the effective dynamics of working with a real person, someone who is an expert at finding the perfect location no matter what your objective is.It is also important when planning a commercial photography shoot, to review local weather patterns and tourist seasons. If our commercial photographer is planning a shoot on a Florida beach in June, it stands to reason that it would be more packed with tourists than it would be in January. Will permits be required for shooting at the location? Are we shooting on the beach, how will the tides impact our work? Checking the location out thoroughly ahead of time means there will be less of a chance of surprises regarding lighting and crowds. If you have used a location in the past with positive results, make sure to research the location again before committing it to your plan.Budget is also a consideration when location scouting. How many models will be traveling to the shoot? How many assistants do you need to bring with you? Proper planning and research will help ensure your commercial photography shoot goes smoothly - but always plan for weather changes just in case!