Miami Food + Beverage Photographer

A camera is necessary to capture a great shot, but the perfection of a photographic impression goes beyond the hardware to the imaginative eye that seeks a certain vision through the camera lens. At TDS Photography, our Miami food advertising photography personnel, creative designers, and prop specialists understand that how the food is presented is every bit as important as the food itself. They know how to surround and stage your products with the perfect blend of visual content to create appetizing imagery that will whet anyone’s appetite.

From an outline of the creative direction specific to your project through the processes of pre- and post-production, our Miami studio photographers consult with you to ensure all the creative concepts accurately promote your brand in your marketing and advertising campaigns.

We work across all categories of food-related industries and businesses, such as:

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Coffee shops and concessions stands
  • Branded food marketers
  • Food distributors and manufacturers
  • Inns and casino hotels
  • ...just to list a few

Our team of Miami studio photographers will develop a creative strategy exclusively for your brand, and work closely with you throughout the project to ensure we hit the bullseye on your conceptual vision. Our eye for quality and our flair for creativity set us apart from the competition as a perfect solution for creative firms, food producers, and advertising agencies that lack the time or resources to establish and maintain an in-house food advertising photography studio.

We’ve produced high-end commercial food advertising photography in Miami for more than 30 years and have created mouthwatering shots for use in:

  • Advertisements
  • Magazines
  • Packaging
  • Cookbooks
  • Restaurant websites and menus
  • Collateral catering materials
  • Static shots for video and streaming venues
  • Promotional fine-dining materials
  • ...and a broad range of other platforms.

We can work from our commercial Miami studio photographer location, or we can shoot from your location. Whatever the project—big or small—we ensure every image receives any necessary correction and touch-up, and that all colors are accurate for any platform where they will appear.

If your brand involves food and you need top-end marketing and advertising images that tickle and tempt the taste buds, contact TDS Photography. Our Miami food advertising photographers are skilled craftsmen when it comes to translating flavor through the lens of a camera.