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Video Production Company in Orlando

Think of your favorite quote from a book you read last year, then think of your all-time favorite photograph, and finally, bring to mind your favorite movie. We’re guessing the first part of the challenge was harder than the second or third. Our brains remember images better than they recall text, and they remember video better than images. A photograph is magical in the moment; it evokes other mental images and stirs emotion. But turn the page and another image takes its place, and the continuum is gone. Our brains like stories with ongoing events that are tied together with fast and slow action.

We carry motion in our thoughts longer than static images because our thoughts and our lives are in motion, always moving from one moment to the next, one emotion to another—and by the end of the day each of us has added another complete chapter to our continuing stories. This is why video marketing is so effective, and why our video production company in Orlando can be crucial to building your brand.

Orlando Videographers Who Get It

The professional videographers at TDS Photographers have a magical knack for capturing the moments that reveal the story of your brand. From the initial concept and pre-production, to the videography and final post-production of your project, our corporate and brand video services for Orlando businesses will capture the right audience with dynamic, high definition video and color grading, quality sound, and contextual continuity that tells the complete story of your brand.

Whether you want to tell your story in a social media ad or you want to pause viewers who might otherwise scroll past your landing pages, our post-production teams will optimize your video content for large, small, and mobile screens.

Video marketing is everything your Orlando company needs to rise above your competitors, and the creative video geniuses at TDS are just the team you want to put your brand ahead of the pack.. We’re a full service digital strategy and video production company in Orlando that has the top-notch corporate and brand video production services you need to put your brand out there. Contact us today to learn more!