Portrait Photographer

As an experienced portrait photographer, we take portraits for commercial and advertising purposes. We collaborate with a team of creative and art directors, producers and stylists to create either location portraiture or studio portraiture. You’re invited to call and consult with one of our professional commercial photographers in Miami, Orlando, Tampa or anywhere throughout Florida to go over your next project.

Our portrait photographers do the following types of commercial portraits:

  • Customer portraits for testimonials
  • Celebrity portraits
  • Executive portraits
  • Portraits for advertising
  • And more

We will always go the extra mile to get the perfect shot. Whether you’re looking for headshots for the company directory or a captivating portrait of the CEO to portray at a public event, our experts will make sure you get the images you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out and find out if we’re the right fit for your project.

Portrait Photography Service

With more than three decades of experience as a Florida portrait photographer, you can be sure that our team are able to get the exact shots you’re hoping to capture. We assemble a full crew to take care of every aspect of the process, from pre-production through to the day(s) of the shoot itself and post-production.

Some of the crew that will be working on your shoot will include: producers, location scouts, designers, set construction, wardrobe stylists, hair stylists, makeup artists, prop stylists, digital techs, photo assistants and crafts services as well as photographers and retouchers.

Whether you plan to use these portraits for a website, an advertising campaign, a commissioned project or any other commercial purpose, our creative team will capture the tone of your brand with a unique perspective. Our experience, strategic input, and imagination are what set us apart from any other commercial photographer in Florida.

Contact us today for a consultation with our portrait photographer in Miami, Orlando, Tampa and throughout Florida.