Tampa Product Photography

Humans rarely use only one of our five senses to process information, but the Greek philosopher Aristotle determined two and a half millennia ago that we rely primarily on our sense of sight—and current science still concurs. Our Tampa product photographers at TDS Photography are fine with that, because we’ve made ourselves experts in the field of creating visual imagery that will make your brand and your products stand out in the public eye. With more than three decades under our belts, we’ve also learned a thing or two about all the ways memorable photographs can set you apart in a crowd of competitors. From advertising agencies and large corporations to small businesses and e-commerce companies, our innovative vision and attention to detail is everything you’re looking for in product photography for your Tampa manufacturing company and location scouts.


Our creative process begins with you, sitting down to consult about your vision and what you need and want from your new advertising campaign. It’s important to us that your project is a collaborative, creative process; that way we’re all on the same page, the whole project runs smoothly, and the end result exceeds all expectations.


We can shoot at your location, or our location scouts and commercial photographers in Tampa will find the perfect location to shoot at in order to get the images you need. In collaboration with our producers, our photographers also take care of all the details, from designing sets with the proper ambience and quality lighting to casting and hiring professional talent (if needed) who will represent your brand and products with the visual attitude and ideas you have in mind. Once the shots are taken, our experts will go over every image to ensure the perfect look, and to perform any retouching that might be needed to enhance the quality of a particular shot.


From preproduction to postproduction, we’ll take care of every detail and nuance to give you images for a successful campaign. Our number-one goal is to make your brand and your products look better than good. We want your products to appeal to every potential customer who views your imagery.


Reach out to TDS Photography today and let’s start the product photography process at our Tampa photo studio.