Resort Photographer

Showing Off Your Product

Never has the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, applied more than in reference to product photography. A photograph of your product is often your first and best opportunity to grab the attention of your intended customer. Today’s culture is image-saturated, so it stands to reason that when it comes to product photography, the product must shine, and the purpose of the product must be clear to entice consumers to make a purchase. Product photography can do more than just sell a product. It can sell a lifestyle, a feeling, and foster desire in the consumer.When it comes to online shopping, products need to be photographed at every angle to give clear representation to the customer about what they are purchasing. Since the online consumer holds a considerable amount of buying power, multiple images are especially important for e-commerce. The consumer is not coming into the store to examine a product, so they want to learn as much about it as possible from your website.An important tip for art directors and marketing managers, never borrow someone else’s product photograph that you have found through a Google search or on another website. Aside from putting your company at risk for copyright infringement, using someone else’s photograph will not help your product stand out. For example, if you are a local restaurant owner looking to enhance your website menu by adding food photography of menu items, would you be doing yourself any favors using a stolen photograph of a steak salad? Of course not! Your award-winning chef masterfully prepares a mouth-watering steak salad with a twist from the traditional; this certainly deserves an original photo to highlight the food and the craftsmanship. Investing in professional advertising photography will yield huge returns on investment.When you hire a full-service advertising photographer, all you will need to do is deliver the product. Everything else for the shoot will be taken care of by the experts. Everything from lighting to hiring local talent if needed will be handled with the goal of making your product stand out. Product photography can be incredibly effective with consumers, but only when it is done with a skilled hand. A successful product photograph involves a keen attention to detail regarding lighting, positioning, location, and model selection. In the end, your product photograph will seamlessly reflect your brand message and motivate the consumer to make a purchase.