E-Commerce Photography

Styles of Product Photography in Orlando

Orlando’s TDS Photography knows the impact images have on customers shopping for products. The old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words has real meaning in today’s competitive marketplace. Descriptions and reviews are important, but nothing takes the place of a well-made photograph in terms of giving a person a feel for what’s being considered for purchase and its quality.

The type of shoot we do – e-commerce product photography, retail photography, Amazon product photography, and all the others – depends upon your target audience and the platform or marketplace where the photos will appear. There are really five basic styles: studio, white background, close-up, lifestyle, and product grouping.

Shooting in a studio setup gives us a great deal of control. Working in the studio allows us to adjust lighting and other factors to focus the viewer’s attention upon specific features of the product. It’s vital that we make the item(s) look completely realistic so the buyer isn’t misled. White background is the most commonly used approach to product photography. It’s the technique of isolating the product in post-production by removing all details of its surroundings, thus focusing the viewer’s attention entirely on the product itself. You see that technique used for the majority of items sold on Amazon.

You’re likely to see close-up shots used with other photos of an object, as a means of emphasizing a certain detail or feature. Lifestyle photos can portray the product being used in daily life. The theory is that if your target audience relates to the activity depicted in the image, chances of them making purchase are increased. Finally, group product photography combines a range of items to show options for different textures, colors, etc. It can also be used for comparing your product to that of a competing business.

With four decades in the business, TDS Photography has the expertise to handle every detail of your product photography from pre-production to post. Contact our office in Orlando today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.