The Process of Video Production

 Believe it or not, video production can be a fun experience ( At least with us it is! ). But, there are some steps we take to make a video the best it can be. That’s why when it comes to going into video production, we always follow these eight steps between pre-production, production, and post-production.The first step in the process is to set clear objectives and define success. This step is vital in communication as we work with the client to figure out their goals and how to get there. This step is also where we work with our clients to find the best way to make their vision possible with their budget and goals.The second step in the video production process is to research the target audience for the client. It’s essential to understand what your client’s market is, otherwise your result won’t make the impact you want it to. On occasion, the client will have a branding strategy in place and will share it with us, but in the case they don’t, we can provide that service through our team of Advertising and Marketing Services experts that have 30 plus years in the advertising agency business.Understanding your audience then leads to the third step, which is to identify the target messaging. By understanding the target audience, we can portray messages that will impact them and make the video much more powerful by connecting with them on an emotional level.Once we have the core messaging set, the next step is developing a creative concept. This step is where we work with our clients to create the story they want to portray their messaging to their target audience. We offer concept development, creative consulting, and art direction for our clients through this process as well.The fifth step then comes in once there’s a story idea, which we then start storyboarding and scriptwriting for. Storyboarding and scriptwriting is also an introduction to the pre-production process, where everything begins to fall into place.Next is the pre-production process for the video. Pre-production is where we get ready for the actual shooting and execution of the video. In the pre-production process, we provide a variety of services to our clients like casting, location scouting, and set design.Finally, it’s time for the production step and to start shooting. We provide film directing services, including sound recording, production, and management during this process. With our producers, we manage the complete job by acquiring the necessary equipment rentals, grip & lighting, location & studio, production, hair & makeup, and wardrobe & prop personnel. By working together with us, our clients have a safe and fun shooting experience while making sure we get all the right material to work with for the post-production process.Post-production takes care of all the finishing touches for a project. Our services available to our clients during this step include video editing, footage management, color correction & grading, audio mixing & mastering, motion graphics, music licensing & composition, sound design, and voiceovers. Post-production wraps up the whole process once we’ve done all the final edits, and our clients are truly satisfied with our work.Our expert photographers are serving happy clients around the US in 20 cities including Cincinnati, Ohio, one of our newest locations. If you are looking for an expert commercial photographer, contact us to find out if we have availability in your area.Here at TDS Photography, “Our videos are created to captivate, entertain and inspire ™.” We work with our clients until the video we create with them is their vision brought to life. We look forward to working on new projects and can’t wait to hear the image you have in mind!