Orlando Commercial Photographer

The Production of Commercial Photography in Miami

With four decades in the business, Miami’s TDS Photography has the expertise to handle every detail of the commercial photography process – from pre-production to post. In the studio or on location, we deliver the quality results your creative team expects. We produce stunning images for publication and business purposes, creating the very best in advertising Lifestyle photography, Food photography, Product photography, and so much more. As a high-end commercial photographer in Florida, we cater to advertising agencies, in-house corporate marketing departments, and design firms.

We’ll assemble full crews to take care of every aspect of your shoot, including finding the right location, designing and building the set, and sourcing the talent. And our producer, stylists, and assistants will be on hand to make sure everything goes smoothly. We’re experts in set design, prop placement, and using all the tricks of the trade to showcase your products in the most desirable way. Our years of experience in commercial photography operations from large-scale down to small ensures means that choosing TDS in Miami ensures that you’ll get what you’re paying for and more.

After the shoot and in post-production, it’s often necessary to tweak several elements of the photos to bring out their highest level of quality. These adjustments may include cropping, sharpening, brightness, and even replacing the background. Retouching and photo editing are a vital part of our advertising Lifestyle photography, Food photography, and Product photography service, and one at which we excel.

If you want to work with the commercial photography professionals in Miami who have been around the block, will understand your needs, and know how to meet and exceed the highest standards to satisfy our clients, reach out to us today to set up a conference call and see if we might be a good fit for your next project.