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Tips for Getting the Perfect Shot

Exceptional advertising photography is about creating a bond with the consumer. It may be hard to imagine how a product shot of a coffee maker could create a bond or evoke emotion in the consumer, but it is possible! When the right lighting, backdrop, and staging are utilized, a simple photo of a coffee maker has been elevated to an advertising photograph that makes the consumer believe that their life will markedly improve when that specific coffee maker is residing permanently in their kitchen. Some of our favorite tips for getting the perfect shot are:
  • Utilize compositing tricks
  • Use unusual angles
  • Try a macro shot when appropriate
  • Inject personality with the addition of models
  • Utilize a reflective surface
  • Consider your backdrop
  • Practice makes perfect when it comes to prop styling
Experimenting with these tips and more before an advertising photography shoot can help you achieve the perfect shot no matter what the situation.Many young photographers want to break into the world of advertising photography because of the income potential. If you aspire to become a go-to local advertising photographer, review our tips below.Tips to becoming a sought after advertising photographerPromptness. Do not ever show up late to a meeting or photo shoot. It shows disrespect towards the client and is a horrible way to start a working relationship.Leave your ego at the door. It is imperative that you keep quiet and listen to your client’s needs and ideas, before interjecting your own. Advertising photography is consumer and sales driven. Save your ego trips for your personal photography projects.Resourcefulness. We pride ourselves on being a full-service advertising photography company. We will handle every aspect of the creative production from hiring models, scouting locations, hiring makeup artists, selecting props, and more. Our enhanced level of service has always set us apart from our competitors, and it keeps our clients coming back time after time.Work ethic. It is important to remember that no matter what industry you work in, there is always someone else waiting to take your job. Laziness has no room in advertising photography. Commit yourself to always being first on set and working tirelessly until the job is done. Your clients will respect your hard work and dedication.Effective advertising photography is about more than having the ability to take great photographs. An advertising photographer needs to feel comfortable wearing many hats to produce the desired result for the client. Making a commitment to understanding all aspects of the creative process from both sides, is a valuable skill.