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PGi Be Unleashed Video Book

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TDS Photography is a video production & digital marketing agency as well as America’s leading commercial photographer! Whatever your needs – from traditional advertising to 3D motion graphics and CGI – we have the skills, experience, and tools needed to create a finished product that will help your company beat the competition. After we’ve showcased your brand in an incredible video, we’ll use our digital marketing skills to show it to the world.

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Our Video Production Services

TDS Photography is your source for top-quality video and digital production services. Our team of industry experts can handle anything from a traditional TV commercial to a social media ad – and any other type of video production. We handle everything in-house, from concept
development to post-production. We even handle 3D motion graphics. Not only are we a video production agency, we’re also a digital marketing agency. We have our own team of experts to handle the copywriting, graphic design, and social media marketing aspects of your project.

Call us at 727-492-3719 or email us at if you're in need of video production & digital marketing agency in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Chicago!

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Facts About Our Services

The services we provide in-house include concept creation, content strategy, scriptwriting, videography, production, editing, animation, 3D animation, and digital post-production.

We learn all about your brand before we do anything else, making sure we understand who you are and what you want to accomplish before any other step.

We can shoot your video on location at your place of business, or in our studio. In fact, we can shoot anywhere while following all the strictest safety protocols that are necessary in today’s world.